Are you a sneakerhead? Do you read fashion magazines and are you always updated on new trends? Do you have excellent editorial and creative skills? Then you're in the right place!

You have to know URPEOPLE, is not the usual community, but the desire of the Urbanstar Team to give a voice to independent writers and emerging talents eager to highlight their work and their passion through a new editorial project.

URPEOPLE is not the usual culture blog or news site, URPEOPLE is looking for unique and interesting stories, for new and stimulating people who are able to tell and write articles about art, culture, fashion and lifestyle.

Writing for #URPEOPLE will give you the opportunity to be part of our community, to be able to share your passion with a new and wide audience at no cost. Take part in the “zero” issue of the #URPEOPLE project, the new FANZINE dedicated to the URBANSTAR community.

Following the example of the “call for articles” of the main international magazines and blogs, it will be possible to send your article through the form or via email to [email protected], from which a special editorial team will evaluate the articles.

Literary section

  • The articles, as well as the reviews of fashion, sporting and international jet-set events must be original, well written and with a particular, curious and personal interpretation that reveals a thorough knowledge of the subject.

Photographic section

  • If relevant, we publish photographic essays capable of 'telling a story'. Send us a collection of images (.jpg) that show the intent with an introduction of 600 lines to describe the work. Before any publication, the holder of the pictures’ property rights must complete and sign a release form provided by our editorial staff.

Material Publication Terms and Conditions
The articles, always relating to issues relevant to the #URPEOPLE community, to be included in the editorial and Fanzine section must be:

  1. unpublished. In the event that the author has already published elsewhere, the articles cannot be exact copies of those already existing
  2. between 2,000 and 4,000 words in length for all articles. The length may vary depending on the subject matter and the functionality of the article.

They must also contain:

  1. a short biography of the author (between 30 and 60 words in length)
  2. an abstract of no more than 200 words followed by 4-5 keywords
  3. final bibliography to verify the truthfulness of the sources, with possible sitography.

The writings, of course, must not violate any copyright or intellectual property law.

The article review process
All articles will be subjected to an initial screening by the editorial team to ascertain:

  1. the relevance and adequacy of the subject matter
  2. the truthfulness and quality of the writing
  3. compliance with the criteria.

If these requirements are not deemed satisfied, the article will not be published and the author will be notified. If this first evaluation is positive, the review process will be started.

All the authors of the articles that will be considered publishable - even following the revisions - will be invited to sign a release for the free transfer of rights that will be sent to them via email and must be returned - duly completed, signed and scanned - by the same means. Riceveranno notifica e un responso via email, entro 14 giorni, SOLO le proposte conformi alla nostra linea editoriale.

Fill out and send your application through this form and send your work to [email protected]

At this point the pen, or rather the keyboard, is all yours!