One of the historical colors of the "Be True to Your School" pack is available again in the low version.

In the 1980s, university basketball was reaching a new quality standard, thanks to a continuous proposal of young athletes with great prospects. From east to west the rivalries were strong and television brought to the attention of the masses a new reality, that of the American College teams, the forge of the champions of the future.

During the summer of 1985, the Nike College Colors program was officially established, which included color-coordinated footwear, clothing and bags, allowing fans to support their favorite teams from head to toe. The memorable "Be True to Your School" ad, the first campaign with bold colors on basketball shoes, features the Nike Dunk as the centerpiece of the style of the 12 most iconic teams. College Colors teams included UNLV, Arizona, Iowa, Georgia, Syracuse, Georgetown, and Kentucky, among others.

The sport gained more and more popularity, and sneakers had great success even off the pitch, inevitably affecting the fashion world as well.

The Dunk is then launched at the right time, and the creator of the designer, Peter Moore, initially calls it College Color High, an artistic mix of different shoes, a common design practice in Nike for basketball shoes of the 80s, with a silhouette evolved from its big brother, the Air Force 1 born three years earlier, showing design lines with bold color blocks. The sole was reminiscent of the same traction design of the Air Jordan I, launched a few months earlier, as the upper, which was inspired by the Air Jordan I and the Nike Terminator.

Among the various colors made famous by the College Colors program, we find the Goldenrod, which represented the University of Iowa with its yellow and black tones, and its team, the Hawkeyes, also nicknamed "The Knights of the Round Ball" and led by coach George Raveling.
And it is precisely the Goldenrod coloring of the Nike Dunk that returns to the field, ready to pay homage to what remains in history as one of the silhouettes of the Beaverton's brand that marked a turning point in the world of sport and style.

The Nike Dunk "Goldenrod" will be available starting December 3, 2021, to have the opportunity to buy one, join the Raffle online.