The video from the event

On the 5th of December 2021 Urbanstar hosted the environment event “Going Green – Episode-I” by Urbanstar. The event took place on the beach of Focene, located on the roman coast, and at the same time on the river bank of the Thames in London involving both communities and locals to join a great plastic waste collection from the seaside/riverbank. The event was met with great success among the attendees: between the two cities about 120 people joined the events while an amount of about 2000 pounds of plastic waste has been collected. Equipped with customized kits consisting of uniforms, gloves and containers for the collection, the participants offered a great contribution, joining forces and collaborating with great willingness to achieve the intended purpose. Two crews followed the event to create video recaps, with a summary of the collection and the results of the enormous quantity accumulated , ready to then be sorted for the subsequent recycling phase, hoping to have taken a small step forward in our journey, wishing it to become a path that more and more members of our community will join.

Going Green Postacards

 Everything started early in 2021 during the Earth Day just by replacing the “thank you” cards in the order boxes with more sustainable “plantable” paper card and continued with a series of digital and live initiatives in accordans with the Covid-19 norms and regulations. Since Urbanstar’s community has responded positively to the first event, more initiatives will be held during 2022 in order to interact with them and push them towards an active and responsible environmental experience on the territory.

"One of the most urgent environmental problems. to be faced, both because of its gravity and because we have ignored it for too long "as the WWF also states, plastic pollution. This is the reason why Urbanstar started its journey inside the company by replacing all the packaging with FSC "Forest Stewardship Council" recycled paper boxes and bags, using labels and tags made of recycled materials and making the whole productive cycle more sustainable

Urbanstar FSC Boxes

The new packaging

The “Going Green – Episode-I” by Urbanstar is only the first of a series of exciting events on the agenda. More initiatives will take place next year to involve the community and raise awareness of certain topics such as a more responsible consumption of materials and waste management.

The kit  used during the event